Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words as a form of Action

It is often said "Actions speak louder than words". But, what if those words serve as the action? Can words serve as the primary source of bringing solutions to life? This question was never more a reality than the past year’s presidential elections as President Obama circled the nation amidst the ‘rock star-esque’ crowds to his “words”. Many of his doubters and opponents attacked him, urging the people not to be blinded by his polished speeches of hope and promise. They often agreed he was a powerful presenter, however they claimed they were ‘only words’ and lacked tangible action. To this day, many criticize his resume for a lack of results against the backdrop of his rich, bold promises of a better tomorrow. Which brings us back to the question, “can words be a form of action?”. Are the words Pres. Obama has made a part of history serve as the building blocks of progress? Close to home, are the words of POWV shaping the policy of tomorrow's transportation infrastracture?

Visionary movements are born out of the seeds of ingenuity of individuals. They feed of the hope and dreams of the founding few. They spread to reality via the persistence of those willing to defy the odds and deafen the naysayers. A bit na├»ve, the movement moves forward, nimbly morphing as necessary while maintaining the core vision. With small wins along the way, people start to take notice and the early adopters jump on board. All the while, there’s a pack of people who’ve heard the message yet it sits dormant in their brain’s corner. Then, with an exhilarating transformation, the movement reaches a key hurdle and the pace moves into overdrive. At the crest of this energy, the force takes on a new life. Those who casually joined early on, deepen their roots and dedicate their being to the cause. The words once locked away emerge into the conversations of the majority, and key players emerge to see it forward. Yet, to this point, it is often only “words” which brought us to this point. Many great ideas fail to reach this stage simply because they couldn’t get the message across. At times, it was a lack of persistence, poor choice of recipients, and/or the lack of charisma, credibility and trust from the presenter.

It is my belief; POWV High Speed Rail now sits within the early adoption stage however the foundation is starting to rumble with encouraging signs of progress towards the next steps. Repeatedly, we’ve seen our requests take hold and the policy continues to shift towards our cause. And, now those around us are starting to take notice with a bit more than the original blank stares…the “words” are creeping form the back of their brains, as they consider their part in this historic movement. But to this point, it has been ‘just words’ brought to the attention of whoever will listen via a consistent, persistent message. Now putting words into action, we at POWV continue with a purpose to bring high speed rail to the Pittsburgh-Columbus corridor…any successful national high-speed rail plans will have to include this corridor. It has served as a primary component of all major transportation developments throughout our country’s history via the Ohio River, the original rail system and I-70 as part of the interstate highway system…we are now on the cusp of including it within our country’s interstate high-speed rail system, and we’re playing a critical role in sharing the message across the 3 involved states (Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia) and beyond.

Please join our movement and become one of our early adopters, mark your place in history…it’s happening before our eyes and the pieces are about to pick up steam…

POWV High Speed Rail Mgmt

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