Sunday, January 25, 2009

POW V Corridor is the Missing Link

Above is a map of the current corridors being funded for high-speed rail proposals. The POW V corridor we propose connects the Keystone and Chicago Hub Network. It is an obvious "missing link" in this national infrastructure which will link the eastern seaboard to the Midwest. It is over a right-of-way that extends from Pittsburgh PA to Columbus OH. Before it was degraded in the 1980’s it was called the Panhandle Mainline because runs across West Virginia’s panhandle. At that time we made application under federal law to preserve the right-of-way for high-speed rail. We are currently trying to take that effort further.

We need your help in that effort. The FRA decided that we are not eligible to respond to the current requests for proposals that are due by September 2009. We would like you to help us get the POW V corridor included so that the FRA will accept our future planned proposal. If you're looking to be a part of transforming a region and building a national infrastructure for tomorrow, you'll want to engage with POW V today. Once you join our growing movement, we'll let you know how your efforts can be optimized.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you,

POW V High Speed Rail

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Dear fellow Americans-

Dear fellow Americans,

In this age of hope we present what is a good idea. While the nation springs forward to take on the challenges of the future we say why not here. It’s our idea to include our area in the growth to take place. Specifically to put POW V (Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia) in the national high-speed rail infrastructure that is planned for the future. But beyond just putting our link into the network we propose prototyping the structure. We intend to use the local coal, steel, and electric in building our system and then others. This region has served as the backbone for the country's infrastructure many times before. We are now positioned to leverage our strengths towards the new economy which will serve our economy, our people and our environment for many generations to come. This will mean a lot to our community, it means destiny as a leader in an industry that is in its infancy. An industry whose time has come and whose needs are enormous towards fueling a sustainable future. We need everybody’s help in our efforts to go forward and that is why we ask you to join us at this time.

Membership to our association is quite simple just fill out the form and then we will email you with updates. As a member you will do whatever it is that you find of interest when the time arises. There are no dues and we will not send you anything besides an occasional email unless you request otherwise. At this point we are building a base to generate ideas and maintain an open line of communication. Remember by joining you are agreeing to be part of the destiny, the hope, and if all goes well our areas’ (and the country's) prosperity.


POWV High Speed Rail Mgmt Team