Tuesday, February 3, 2009

POW V Submits its Letter of Intent to FRA for High-Speed Rail

Response to: FRA–2008–0140

POW V High Speed Rail has submitted it's official letter of intent for consideration of high speed rail to be added on the POW V corridor (Pittsburgh to Columbus). The registry along with other responses of the FRA's request can be viewed via the above link while POW V's objective can be read below:

The POW V Corridor is a sensible inclusion in any future plans to create a national high-speed rail system. The POW V Corridor in its historic positioning is a functional centerpiece in a national system. Anyone who looks at the map of the current and proposed corridors will see that is obvious. The POW V Corridor not only connects otherwise disjointed pieces but it sits atop a roadbed that has traditionally created such infrastructures. Railroads are built on the iron shipped from Ohio, the coal dug in West Virginia, and the steel forged in Pennsylvania. If we are investing in an American future we need to create that vision with the resources we have. The POW V Corridor has those material resources and it has the labor resources that have done the heavy lifting for such ventures in our history. If we are to earn our way back as an industrial nation we need to utilize resources such as these to base our product of recovery on. That takes believing in our abilities and trusting in our willingness to perform. The POW V Corridor is where that could happen and that’s why we are including the POW V Corridor in this request for proposals at this time.


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